The British Herpetological Society


Charity-Choice-Donate-now-buttonThe society is run and operated entirely on a voluntary basis – we do not employ staff. Council members and others give freely of their time and energy to support and manage the society, including editing and producing our quality publications.

You can therefore be confident that any donations made to the society will be contributing directly to our work and activities – you can see details of these on other pages in this site.

You can easily and quickly make an online donation to the BHS via Charity Choice.

If you are a UK taxpayer, the society can gain maximum benefit from your donation via the Gift-Aid scheme. Please do complete the required information on the donation pages to ensure this (but also see note below). 

As the BHS is recognised by the inland revenue as a professional body, you can offset your subscription against income tax if you are a UK tax payer and membership is helpful for your work. Please note however that if membership is helpful for your work, you cannot gift aid your subscription. 



By leaving a bequest to the Society you can make a significant contribution to the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. This has never been more important; the world's herpetofauna faces threats of unprecedented scale, and only a great deal more work - which inevitably means more money - has any chance of alleviating this situation. The BHS has the necessary expertise, but not enough funds, to make a major impact in this vital area. A legacy to the BHS is a gift that will live forever.

For details of how to make a legacy to the Society, please write to: The Secretary British Herpetological Society cio Zoological Society of London Regents Park London NW1 4RY or email